Ahead of Schedule

Believe it or not, everything is falling into place! We’re finalizing the agenda of our midyear meeting right now, and we’re pleased to find that we’re running ahead of schedule.

As you may recall, in previous blog posts, we promised to issue manuscript acceptance notifications before Thanksgiving. And guess what? We actually distributed them a few days ago, two full weeks ahead of schedule! And now we’re putting the finishing touches on our discussant and moderator rosters.

So what are our plans for the meeting? Our Section will host three manuscript presentation sessions, one more than last year. The first will be a concurrent session that focuses on technology and learning. The second will be a concurrent session on enterprise models and auditing frameworks. And the third will be a dialogue session that features an open discussion of manuscripts in the development phase.

We’ll continue to utilize this social media platform to report on our planning activities until we finalize our agenda. Then we’ll shift our focus to providing previews of research manuscripts and coming attractions of other meeting events.

After the meeting, we’ll further broaden our focus by building this social media platform into the online communication and networking function of our Section. But hey … let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves! For now, we’ll simply focus on our upcoming trip to Orlando. 🙂