Call For Moderators and Discussants

Hello, SET enthusiasts! In a previous blog posting, we had mentioned that we welcomed volunteers for service as moderators and discussants at our upcoming midyear meeting. Now that we’re only a few weeks away from turning our attention to our meeting agenda, we thought that we’d send out this (slightly more formal) Call For Moderators And Discussants.

You’re welcome to use the “Contact Us” link in the pull-down menu or sidebar of our blog’s home page to let us know about your availability. And, of course, you’re also welcome to describe your preferences regarding manuscript topics.

We’re still on schedule to issue manuscript acceptance notifications before Thanksgiving. After that, of course, we’ll endeavor to pull together our meeting agenda as soon as reasonably possible.

Thank you, as always, for your interest and support! We look forward to seeing you in sunny Orlando, Florida in January.

Submission Volume Up!

Are you ready to begin the week with some good news about the midyear meeting of the AAA SET Section? Our volume of manuscript submissions is significantly larger than our total from last year!

Although we cannot finalize our Section’s meeting schedule until our reviewers have completed their work, our preliminary plans now call for an additional research presentation session (i.e. one more than last year) at the midyear meeting. And we’re also hoping to offer at least one panel discussion.

All of our manuscripts have now been assigned to reviewers, although we’ll undoubtedly need to ask for a  few follow-up reviews to address specific questions. Nevertheless, we remain “on schedule” to issue acceptance letters before Thanksgiving.

Finally, please do let us know your thoughts and suggestions about the use of this blog to distribute information about our Section. You can contact Michael Kraten directly via email, or you can use the Contact Us link in the menu or sidebar of our blog to send a message to him via WordPress.

Thanks, as always, for your support! See you in Orlando in January … 🙂

Midyear Meeting Plans

Hello again, SET Section colleagues! As you undoubtedly already know, our midyear meeting submission deadline officially closed yesterday.

Thus, we’re now proceeding with our manuscript review and session planning processes. Although we’ve heard from a sufficient number of volunteers for the manuscript reviews, please do let us know if you are willing to serve as a manuscript discussant or session moderator.

Most importantly … we look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Diversity And Innovation

The diversity of our membership creates a fertile environment for collaboration and innovation.

Hey, that sounds like our Strategic and Emerging Technologies section! Did someone write it about us?

Well, no … not exactly. It’s a statement that applies to the entire membership of the American Accounting Association. You can find it on the About The AAA page of the Association’s web site.

Nevertheless, the manuscripts that will be presented at the 25th Annual Research Workshop on Strategic and Emerging Technologies in New York City next month showcase the amazing diversity of our members’ research interests.

Auditing. Income taxes. Text analytics. Management forecasts. Asset-based securities. And those are only the topics that will be presented before lunch!

And in the afternoon? Petri net tools. Analytical procedures. Audit drones. Game simulations. And process mining. With a refreshment break thrown in for good measure, of course!

Clearly, the sheer diversity of the presentations will generate fertile and lively conversations among the workshop attendees. Innovative collaboration is sure to follow.

So if you’re wondering where you can find colleagues who are embodying the mission of the American Accounting Association, you’re welcome to join us at the SET Workshop. Bring your own unique insights, and help us become an even more diverse section!